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Location & Structure of Warehouse:

* Facility should be located in an area where there is no history of water logging. The area should also not be low lying area or near natural water reservoirs (lake , ponds, river etc)
* Location should have adequate drainage facility and pumping out arrangements to prevent water logging.
* Area should be free of any water seepage.
* Warehouse should be accessible to fire brigades and should be within 5 to 10 kms range of fire stations. It should have good approach road to facilitate easy & quick access.
* In coastal regions the facility should be located in an area at least 20 ft above the mean sea level.
* Should not be close to Electrical substations and High Tension Transformers or a High tension electrical line passing overhead.
* Warehouses should not be in public area / congested area / residential area / near Hotels / Dhaba / vicinity of sensitive areas. There should not be any large polluting or hazardous or chemical industries in the surrounding areas.
* Do not consider any warehouse in the basement area of any building or a multi storey building. A ground floor & first floor for warehousing maybe considered provided the warehouse meets all other requirements.
* All document warehouses of a circle should preferable be located within a distance of 5 to 7 kms reach from each other. In case of any deviation, CCO and CSDO should approve the same
* Legal clearance of every formality is a must before leasing the warehouse.
* Warehouse should be structurally sound and have a strong construction. Age of construction should not be more than 15 years.
* Roof of the warehouse should not be made of asbestos sheet or any other malleable material like steel or tin. High grade metals or alloys with high melting points maybe considered for roofing. Supporting structure of roof should be made of non-combustible materials. Ideally prefer RCC roofing.
* Where the roof is of solid construction, water proofed, smoke and heat relief must be provided along the side walls with either low melting transparent panels or ventilation panels. Ventilation panels must be easy to open in the event of a fire.
* Structure of the facility should be earth quake resistant especially in areas of high seismic activity and the same should be preferably certified by a Structural engineer.
* The flooring must be of cement / mosaic and should be load tested to take the load of carton boxes on racks, installed on the flooring.
* The warehouse and the equipments, devices and systems, shall be maintained (including cleaned as appropriate) in an efficient state, in efficient order and in good repair. This includes the warehouse roof which should be watertight. A fixed maintenance schedule to be worked out and adhered to.
* Effective and suitable provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh air.
* Doors and gates shall be suitably constructed and fitted with necessary safety devices. Locking arrangements of every door should be secure. There should not be multiple doors unless it is above ground floor
* Warehouse to have clearance from local fire brigade office on accessibility & service

Document Requirement

1. Copy of the purchase deed of owner/ INDEX II of deed.
2. Completion Certificate of premise.
3. Occupation Certificate.
4. Building/Structure sanction plan.
5. The possession Letter from Builder/developer.
6. NOC of society/Apartment for lease / license the said premise.
7. Society certificate of membership/Share certificate.
8. Copy of the last society receipt towards maintenance charges.
9. Copy of the last MSEB bill paid.
10. Copy of the last property tax paid receipt.
11. If Power Of Attorney holder acting on owners behalf then Copy of the Power Of Attorney required.