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Is real estate business a potential profession for the new generation ? This is the right time to explore this.

Property has always been the bone of contention in the history of mankind. There have been wars fought over it. New nations were created after annexing land far and beyond a region. Now that planet earth has become saturated with inhabitors, and population only increasing, the battles for turf are more intense than ever. Only difference is, they are on different platforms and dimensions today - Financiial, Social, Cultural. The winners go away with the spoils – the ever appreciating goldmine – property.The losers and late-comers can only rue their bad luck at never being able to acquire the prized possesion in their lifetime again due to the unbridled race of the prices in the property market.

Hence it has become but imperative that the socio-economic stature of people are shaped by the quantity of real estate they hold. The best form of investment or inheritance that one can die or kill for ! Liquid cash is the only other competitor .

This is where the opportunity lies ! An industry that has always had the patronage of the already rich and wealthy and those who became rich and wealthy because of inheritance, has now become accessible to the aspirations of the neo-rich, not so rich and the great third generation middle class investors.Thanks to the liberalization of the financial markets and the growth in earning potential.

Property is now not the realm of only the few well-to-do land sharks. The market is now open and huge. Every earning individual is a potential customer. Albeit with limited knowledge of the huge wealth making opportunities this indsutry offers – and in spite of all the information that today’s digital world gives.

However, it is important to understand that it is easy to get swept away in the floatsam and jetsam of the innumerable street side estate agents consisiting of every peon and watchman of established real estate agencies and residential socities, declaring their profession as Property Agents/Consultants. Which can be almost equated with quacks.

There still is a major void for professionals in the industry in India. Unlike the west, this Industry has never made it as a professional option in the curriculum of any academic or professional colleges or institutes here. That explains the rough, rugged, unprofessional approach to property deals in this region. It may not be long before some educational mind stumbles upon this potential and starts churning out diploma and degree holders in Real Estate.

Yes. The matter of fact is, there is a huge dormant need in this industry for professionals who can understand the intricaies of the property markets, government formalities, legal requirements and needs of customers. Buyers and sellers alike need the professional management of their transactions so that there are no bad surprises that can cost them lakhs or even crores of Rupees. The existing brick and mortar agents do strive to fill this gap. But it is late in the day – as most of them are first and second generation business men who have now slowly realized the need for sophistication and technology in this field. Great opportunity lies ahead for the current and next generation to take these markets to the next level through online and offline markets. The innumerable websites and portals offering information and services tell the story of the evolving business trends – which requires tech savvy professionals and enterpreneurs. Though nearing the noon of my life, I am striving to be one.

The discussion is long and interesting.

Author : Anit Gopinath


AUTHOR : Anit Gopinath
Posted on : 2031-08-12 00:00:00;

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